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XRD.US provides consulting services in the following areas:

Diffraction equipment and accessories

Selection and purchase of new diffraction equipment,  and accessories to meet your needs. We will prepare a detailed comparison of available diffraction equipment in the market, of its performance characteristics and prices and will make recommendations. We are not representing interests of any diffraction equipment manufacturer. The purpose of this service is to provide you with the independent expert opinion and knowledge to make a decision without sales person's pressure. We also can purchase the equipment on your behalf, install it to meet the requirements of the State regulatory bodies and to train your personal. Example: You are involved in synthesis of materials using combinatorial  methods and need to screen large number of samples in micro quantities for rapid analysis. We will recommend you several options of diffractometers capable of screening hundreds of samples per day automatically, when conventional diffractometer is capable of analyzing only about 10 samples per day.

Diffractometer automation

Since most of  diffractometers are reliable instruments capable of working for many years, many instruments which are currently in use have old and obsolete diffractometer software. We can upgrade your software and hardware to a fully automated modern one.  Example: You have an old diffractometer with obsolete DOS™ or UNIX™  software and with slow and not reliable electronics. We will recommend you several options for replacement of old parts with up to date electronics and user friendly WINDOWS™ software to extend and improve your equipment's life.

QA/QC procedures

We develop QA/QC procedures for established and new laboratories.

Theoretical consultation

We provide consultation on theoretical problems such as crystallography, crystal chemistry, and crystal structures.

Preparation of Reports

We prepare reports based on our measurements and/or analyses for incorporation into our customers' reports. We also prepare sections of scientific papers for publications related to our analyses of your samples, including publication quality figures and tables.

On-site and remote support

Phone service and teleconferencing.

Expert witnessing, fact witnessing and expert report preparation

XRD.US  offers courtroom and deposition including expert witnessing, fact witnessing, and expert report preparation. Due to our broad experience,  XRD.US scientists are leaders in the field of legal consulting for pharmaceuticals.

Our state-of-the-art analytical equipment allows us to provide expert  characterization of samples. For example, we can reliably detect and analyze low levels of solid forms, in either the drug substance or in the final dosage form. These results are then incorporated into the expert witnessing documentation that is included in deposition and courtroom presentations. Expert report preparation based upon our experimental studies is routinely performed in accordance with legal standards.

Our broad knowledge of patents and analytical approaches to intellectual property makes us a valuable resource in legal consulting projects.

Patent advise and Preparation

We have extensive experience with polymorph and solid-state patents, especially as they relate to drug substances. We have particular expertise in providing a scientific strategy and analysis to our clients' patent attorneys to use as a basis for claims preparation and claims interpretation.

Consulting services, research activities, preparation of formal documentation, creation of reports and similar efforts are charged on an hourly basis.

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